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Monday, February 15, 2010

The long-hair maiden

I was commissioned to carve a ten foot pine tree stump for a local customer.
I built a scaffolding
and carved from the top down.

Here is the story.

Owners had the large tree taken down by a tree service.
They asked me to come on over and take a look.

First I carved a practice piece... 
a mere 15" long-hair maiden.

They were quite happy with this,
just wanted a couple of minor changes.

Next I built the scaffolding.

Finally it was time to start on the carving!

Started at the top... 
and worked my way down.

The owners wanted the bark left on for texture and effect.

After some thought and planning (by the owners and myself)
for a necklace,
I went back and finished it.

A close-up of the necklace details...

It has some stones collected by the owner and 
some Apache Tears that I had on hand.

And yes, it was done with a chainsaw.

This is an elegant piece of art 
and a very nice addition to their 
beautifully landscaped backyard.

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