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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Raccons in the Family!

These are brand new carvings! These two actually belong to my wife, Danella. I gave them to her for Christmas/Birthday. BUT, there will be more on the way for sale. Picture them on your railing, shelves, sign/address posts (a photo of an order for that will be coming soon!). And... picture two or three babies with their mama.

They are one-sided... but slightly dimensional. Made from Cedar. Stained and varnished for indoor/outdoor use.

The large ones are about a foot tall, and two and a half feet long. They sell for $125.
The smaller ones are about a half a foot tall, and one and a half feet long. They sell for $90.
Get your orders in quick! 'Cause when we sell our home, I'll still be carving, but shipping charges will be added.

Below is a closer look at them. You can click on the photo also, and it will enlarge further!