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Sunday, November 29, 2009

a true old west false front!

Just wanted to share the old western false front I built to showcase my carvings.
It will become the front of a storage shop I'm building on my property.
Wish you could see the roof top... I salvaged some old tin pieces from a structure that blew down near my property... we love to re-use old stuff!
Notice the handle on the door...

Thanks for visiting!

the three bears...

Wanted to show you three new stump bears...

They are 13-14.5" tall and all are 8" diameter. Each sells for $100

a few new eagles and a vulture!

Trying to make some smaller, more affordable eagles...

This one is 14" tall, 7" diameter... sells for $100
Second photo shows the back.

Another small eagle...14.5" tall, 6" diameter, sells for $100

A new big eagle... 21" tall; base to top... 18" beak to tail tip... 24" tall total, including base

This is my vulture.
Pretty interesting fella, huh?
He is 16" tall, 8" diameter, $100

a new raccoon

This guy is 24" tall, 9" diameter...
and he's SOLD


More new carvings.

This owl actually looks UP at you! Such a personality.
He is 15" tall, 9.5" diameter. Sells for $140.

This owl is made from Mesquite. It is quite heavy. Much harder to carve.
He is $100

This owl is $100. SOLD

This owl is perched on a tall base. $80. It is in a gallery in Oatman, AZ.

Another owl friend... $40 SOLDAnd the 'window watchers'.
These are little guys, that fit perfectly in your window. The light shines through the eyes, bringing them alive! These vary in price from $15 to $20 each.