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Friday, November 16, 2007

This is one of several mushrooms that I have. This one is 14" tall, and 9" diameter. It has a veil. More realistic! It's $95.
This is an owl on a post. He is 12" tall. Sells for $60.

This a larger version of a knothole owl. This one is 16" tall, and 14" wide. He sells for $100.

The BIG bear.

This is a BIG guy. A prize carving! He is 7.5' long. It's HUGE! The photo was taken at the owner's home. He greets all visitors with a happy welcome!
All my critters are happy. Nature is happy, huh?
He sold for $2000.

a Baby Bear!

This is the cutest little guy! He stands 12" tall and is 23" long. His paw is lifted, like he's climbing unto a rock! He is $250.

and more!

This is another racoon. It is 2' tall. Sells for $150.

more carvings for SALE

This a 30" long Salmon. It is one-sided. perfect for hanging on a wall!
It is $120. I have others available, including one that is 2-sided.

Updated carvings currently for SALE

The racoon is 17" tall. It sells for $120.

Here are two small apx. 1' tall bears. They are just $80 each.