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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've been busy...

I've been quite busy building up stock here in our new home in AZ.
Below is just a sampling of what I've done recently in the past few months.
Hopefully, soon we'll get more posted.
I've done a few shows here in Sierra Vista to show and sell carvings,
so some of these are now SOLD.

This is a 5.5ft saguaro cactus with a small owl.
Made from Western Red Cedar.

Details of the owl...

Below are some of my best sellers, tiny owls.
They are $25 each

Range from 3-6 inches each

This bear is 4 ft tall.
What a character he is!

This next guy is also SOLD
He is 3.5 ft.

Photos show his
front and

This is a bench with an owl on one side, and a coyote on the other.
It's  2ft tall, 5.5ft wide.

You see the racoons up in the tree???
I've shown those before... Often I do them for address signs.

Below is a little turtle... it's actually the second one I've done..
measures about 3x6"...  $40 each
both SOLD.

Here's a Snowy Owl carved for a local customer.

I did a on-site carving for a local customer of a long-hair maiden...
from that I came up with my version of a long-hair maiden,
and her pet bear.
Maiden is:  34" T, 10" D    $300
Bear is:  12"H, 17"L   $150

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