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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wanted to share what I've done recently.

Hope you enjoy!

Three walking bears... 
Each 10x6x7"
Each $80

8.5" x 3.5"  bear in a log... 
next photo will show more!
and the backside...

A custom order for a customer...
3 [tiny] Bears roasting marshmellows..

Mushrooms carved from cedar and mesquite...

Monday, January 11, 2010

for the birds...

Some great birdfeeders...
and a unique birdbath!

This birdfeeder is a hollowed out Western Red Cedar log...
with a hand-cut cedar shake roof.
House is 8" diameter, 16" tall
Pole is 76" tall

$100 house only / $150 with a stand

a close-up of the house with cedar shakes...

If you are interested, Terry will make a NEW one for you!

The next is a unique birdfeeder!
The birds seem to love it!
Some stand on the edge to feed,
others stand right in the the middle!
Fun to watch.
The 'bowl' is carved from Western Red Cedar and measures 11"diameter, 6" high,
  with the 'bowl' just a few inches deep. It holds up to about 3 cups of seed.
The tripod stand is from Mesquite. The total height is 34" high. 
Very durable and unique.

with a bird...

Then, the birdbath!
The birds really love this.
Fresh water... for drinking or bathing.
Sealed with Varathane to hold water.
Top is carved from Ash.
Legs are Mesquite.
One of a kind...
Can make one more... with the ASH

another view...