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Saturday, May 26, 2007

This is bedroom table that I made for a customer. It is a little bear peeking out a knothole with his behind sticking out the bottom! The top is just beautiful. It sold for $350.

This is just over 2 1/2 '. He is a sitting bear.
Notice the little bench! The bear looks like a 'real' baby bear that has come over for a visit. He sells for $400. SOLD
The bench top is made from pacific yew wood. The legs are from cedar. It sells for $125.
Wow! This is my
best big bear!
This piece is 6 1/2'
tall. He is carved from a large cedar tree from the Mt. Hood area of Oregon. He looks huge!
Can't you picture him in front of your home or property, welcoming guests?
He sells for $1750.

Well, I can't seem to get more photos on the same post [yet!]

So, here is another (the ones posted today go down to the whale)

This is an owl that stands about 13" tall, and has a 5" diameter. Sells for $90. SOLD

This is the bear that for now, greets visitors to our home. He stands... about 5' tall. Sells for $700. SOLD

I'm finally back with more carvings. Some of those below have sold. I've done some great things lately! Here they are:

This whale that is mounted on a burl is small. It's about 11" wide and 8" tall. He sells for $100.