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Friday, November 16, 2007

This is one of several mushrooms that I have. This one is 14" tall, and 9" diameter. It has a veil. More realistic! It's $95.
This is an owl on a post. He is 12" tall. Sells for $60.

This a larger version of a knothole owl. This one is 16" tall, and 14" wide. He sells for $100.

The BIG bear.

This is a BIG guy. A prize carving! He is 7.5' long. It's HUGE! The photo was taken at the owner's home. He greets all visitors with a happy welcome!
All my critters are happy. Nature is happy, huh?
He sold for $2000.

a Baby Bear!

This is the cutest little guy! He stands 12" tall and is 23" long. His paw is lifted, like he's climbing unto a rock! He is $250.

and more!

This is another racoon. It is 2' tall. Sells for $150.

more carvings for SALE

This a 30" long Salmon. It is one-sided. perfect for hanging on a wall!
It is $120. I have others available, including one that is 2-sided.

Updated carvings currently for SALE

The racoon is 17" tall. It sells for $120.

Here are two small apx. 1' tall bears. They are just $80 each.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Well, this is Percy. Looks similar, my wife says, to the eagle at Disneyland! I've never seen that one, but that's what she thinks!

This guy is about 3.5' from head to bottom of tail. Think of him mounted on the top of a post, greeting all your company!

The price on Percy? $400.

Woodland Trees

My gosh, time flies. I can't believe so much time has gone by since I've done anything with this. Well, here's to HOPE. I'm gonna try keeping this up better.

So, to start, I'm going to start with some carvings that I've done since the BIG bear!
At the left, are a few of the trees I have started carving. They range in height from about 12" up to just over 3'. They are stained and sealed. They are flat on the back, so they can be hung or pushed up against a surface (like on a small shelf) They range from $25 to $100, depending on size and complexity. Think, three of them together on the outside of a house. I am currently making that for a customer, and will post that photo soon! And that's a promise!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

This is bedroom table that I made for a customer. It is a little bear peeking out a knothole with his behind sticking out the bottom! The top is just beautiful. It sold for $350.

This is just over 2 1/2 '. He is a sitting bear.
Notice the little bench! The bear looks like a 'real' baby bear that has come over for a visit. He sells for $400. SOLD
The bench top is made from pacific yew wood. The legs are from cedar. It sells for $125.
Wow! This is my
best big bear!
This piece is 6 1/2'
tall. He is carved from a large cedar tree from the Mt. Hood area of Oregon. He looks huge!
Can't you picture him in front of your home or property, welcoming guests?
He sells for $1750.

Well, I can't seem to get more photos on the same post [yet!]

So, here is another (the ones posted today go down to the whale)

This is an owl that stands about 13" tall, and has a 5" diameter. Sells for $90. SOLD

This is the bear that for now, greets visitors to our home. He stands... about 5' tall. Sells for $700. SOLD

I'm finally back with more carvings. Some of those below have sold. I've done some great things lately! Here they are:

This whale that is mounted on a burl is small. It's about 11" wide and 8" tall. He sells for $100.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just so you know, not all carvings are on this BLOG at this time. Keep posted, check for new Blogs. We will keep you updated with new ones as they come along. Send me comments, and I'll reply to them.
Thanks and see ya!
This carving is a larger one. He stands 4' 9.5" tall and the diameter is 18". He is carved from cedar, has an oil finish. The fish is 18" long, and is a separate carving. You can choose to have something else in his hands, like your address, or name, etc. You can also choose to have something carved on the front of the base. (Like your address) There is an additional charge for the custom names, etc.
This bear with the fish sells for $600. He is ready for outdoors or indoors.
This is one of my smaller carvings that I currently have available. He is 13.5" tall and the diameter is 4.5".
This one sells for $95 SOLD

This is whiskers. He needs a good home. Yep, he's up for adoption!

He stands 19" tall, and the diameter is 8.5". He sells for $150. SOLD

This little guy to the right is Rocky.
(you can name him yourself, you know!)
He stands 13.5" tall, and has a 8.5" diameter.
He sells for $125. SOLD

Hey! My first photo! WOW.
This is my famous racoon. This one is pretty typical.
Sizes range from about 10" tall, to 3 feet! Prices vary by the size.
This is a sample of one of my smaller racoons. It is about 14" tall, apx. 7" diameter, and sells for $175. This one is SOLD
I've others available now in many different sizes. They all look similar, but have slightly different expressions. Prices vary according to the size.
I will be posting more photos today!

Who I am & how I carve

a BLOG for me!
I'm gonna attempt to show you what I create when I create it,
so you know what I have available!
I love and live carving. I love wood. Crave it.
And when I see a log, preferably cedar, I invision in my mind what it is... and start carving!
It's a long process from beginning to end.
Starts with the roughing out, with the chainsaw.
Then the detailing, again with the chainsaw.
I then smooth out and fine finish.
Finally comes the stain, or burning, for coloring
and the finish coats. Several of them.

I've been carving for 16+ years. Been running a chainsaw most of my life, cutting wood. Didn't know I had the talent until I met another wood carver who was a very talented artist. He showed me how to carve, and I've been carving ever since. To heck with cuttin' firewood!

I live at the foot of Mt. Hood in Zigzag. Built my own home. Live in it with my wife, Danella, and our three cats. My shop is a few steps from my home, so I don't have to drive to work. I've a bit over 2 acres. Lots of room to roam and spread out. If I'm home, I'm open for business! Stop in and say hi.

Following blogs will have postings of what I do, and am doing. Keep checking back. Maybe you'll see something you love!