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Sunday, November 29, 2009

a true old west false front!

Just wanted to share the old western false front I built to showcase my carvings.
It will become the front of a storage shop I'm building on my property.
Wish you could see the roof top... I salvaged some old tin pieces from a structure that blew down near my property... we love to re-use old stuff!
Notice the handle on the door...

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the three bears...

Wanted to show you three new stump bears...

They are 13-14.5" tall and all are 8" diameter. Each sells for $100

a few new eagles and a vulture!

Trying to make some smaller, more affordable eagles...

This one is 14" tall, 7" diameter... sells for $100
Second photo shows the back.

Another small eagle...14.5" tall, 6" diameter, sells for $100

A new big eagle... 21" tall; base to top... 18" beak to tail tip... 24" tall total, including base

This is my vulture.
Pretty interesting fella, huh?
He is 16" tall, 8" diameter, $100

a new raccoon

This guy is 24" tall, 9" diameter...
and he's SOLD


More new carvings.

This owl actually looks UP at you! Such a personality.
He is 15" tall, 9.5" diameter. Sells for $140.

This owl is made from Mesquite. It is quite heavy. Much harder to carve.
He is $100

This owl is $100. SOLD

This owl is perched on a tall base. $80. It is in a gallery in Oatman, AZ.

Another owl friend... $40 SOLDAnd the 'window watchers'.
These are little guys, that fit perfectly in your window. The light shines through the eyes, bringing them alive! These vary in price from $15 to $20 each.

Friday, October 30, 2009


More carvings here...
Working hard... show is coming soon!

This guy is a bit different from some of my other raccoons. Has a bit of a different face and expression. Each carving is an original in all ways. I strive to 'improve'... and so each animal turns out a bit different.
He is 29.5" tall, 10" diameter. $180
Here is a close-up of his head. So you can see the details. Awwwww... ain't he cute?

This fella is 17" tall, 7.5" diameter. Notice the cool moss on the stump! $100

This little guy is just 12" tall, 6" diameter. $80
So, that's it for raccoons at the moment, although more are coming...

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We love this EAGLE!

Too bad you can't see this for REAL.
Man, it's great.
She measures 35" from bottom of base to top tip of wing.
Base is 18" diameter.
The eagle itself is 28" from bottom of claws to top tip of wing.
If my wife could have her way, she'd KEEP her. She's so beautiful!

More NEW carvings!

I'm excited to show y'all my new stuff! I've been having a great time, coming up with some NEW things too!

One, since we now live in the Southwest... is a rattler.
This guy is HUGE! Wouldn't want to run into him for real.
The base measures 24" wide by 20" deep. From base to topmost of snake is 8".
The snakes body is about 4" diameter.
Carved from cedar.

another photo of the rattler, inside...

Next is a cowboy hat and boot. Kinda did these for 'fun'... to see if I could do 'em.
Well, I can, and man, we really love 'em!
Wanted to share 'em... they are true to life size... in fact, i can WEAR the hat, if it wasn't so dang heavy...
Now, sorry, but these aren't for sale... but you might be able to convince me to carve some for you...
next... is a rabbit, modeled after the local jackrabbits...which I'm sure are as BIG as this guy!
He is 29" tall, 10" diameter. Carved from cedar. $250

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It's been a LONG time since I've posted... sorry about that.
Just been busy, what with moving, in fact a HUGE move, from Oregon to Arizona.
For the most important reason.
To be near grandkids!
What more could one ask for?
warmer weather.
My wife, especially, was getting real tired of the wet and cold weather of Oregon.

So now that we are settled in, and comfortable...
and after a few more trips to Oregon to bring more cedar back...
Carving has begun!

LOTS of photos of lots of NEW carvings
on this post, we'll start with the BEARS.

The BIG BEAR is 5'3"ft tall, 18" diameter, carved from cedar. $700

He is the perfect height, to peek into your window, as shown in the second photo below! The next guys are some smaller bears... stump bears...all made from cedar:

the first little guy is 12" tall, 7.5" diameter. $60

the bigger guy below is 27.5" tall, 10" diameter $140Next are some sitting bears... full body!!!

the first little guy is carved from cedar and is 16" tall, 9" diameter. $100

The next bear is light colored! He is 13.5" tall, 9" diameter. $100

The next few bears are tiny. I've set them next to my hat, so you can tell easier, how small and detailed they are!

The first one is a standing, full body bear that measures 11" tall, 4" diameter. $40

the next little fella is just 6" tall, 3" diameter $25

then, this next little guy is carved from Mesquite. Now, Mesquite is a HARD wood, but a very beautiful wood. It's heavy too. You'll love the different colors in the wood.
He's just 4" tall, 2" diameter. $50
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chinook Salmon

A project finally finished!
This is for SALE.. for just $400 you can own this beautiful Chinook Salmon carved from cedar.
Stained and finished, ready for your house or yard. Will last for YEARS.

It's 47" tall from base to tip of nose. The salmon itself is 44" tall.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Raccons in the Family!

These are brand new carvings! These two actually belong to my wife, Danella. I gave them to her for Christmas/Birthday. BUT, there will be more on the way for sale. Picture them on your railing, shelves, sign/address posts (a photo of an order for that will be coming soon!). And... picture two or three babies with their mama.

They are one-sided... but slightly dimensional. Made from Cedar. Stained and varnished for indoor/outdoor use.

The large ones are about a foot tall, and two and a half feet long. They sell for $125.
The smaller ones are about a half a foot tall, and one and a half feet long. They sell for $90.
Get your orders in quick! 'Cause when we sell our home, I'll still be carving, but shipping charges will be added.

Below is a closer look at them. You can click on the photo also, and it will enlarge further!